The difference a Healthy Diet makes

Eating relatively healthy makes a huge difference!

Pre-October I was having Gregg’s Ham & Cheese Baguettes for lunch, Ready Meals 2 nights a week & my normal evening meals consisted of meat and chips.. needless to say my weight increased to around 11 stone 10.

October to December I switched Gregg’s for Warburtons Flatbreads with Ham/Chicken however I continued with ready meals twice a week, and tried to make dinners a little healthier by using sweet potato fries, pasta, etc.

In addition to this I added gym twice a week, hoping that the added exercise would help lose that additional weight and I could get back down to around 11 stone.

The week before Christmas and my weight hadn’t moved at all, add Christmas and Turkey and Alcohol and New Years and my starting weight of 2016 was a rounded 12 stone, my heaviest weight ever. Not a happy man.

With 2016 came a new company health insurance policy, a Garmin Vivo-smart HR watch and a much improved diet and I have managed to lose half a stone in 3 weeks.

New diet consists of simply being smarter about what I eat, usually I skip breakfast (I much prefer 15 extra minutes in bed), lunch is now noddles or cous cous with chicken breast and I have replaced ready meals with Rice and Chicken (I have to have a quick meal twice a week as I coach basketball to 15 year old’s from 6 – 8 giving me no time for a proper meal… I have to go straight from work).

Normal home dinners are now more sweet potato wedges and meat/fish, turkey burgers are a good source of protein, healthy fish fingers from coop are also a new favorite.

I play basketball generally once a week and I try to gym twice a week but generally my exercise hasn’t increased since October.

So that’s the difference! half a stone in 3 weeks, now add in a more consistent work-out routine thanks to Men’s Health Magazine and I aim to get down to around 11 stone.. or alternatively whatever weight gives me better defined abs.

So far so good for 2016, lets keep it up!


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