2016 The Year for Goals

So you have read my latest blog about losing half a stone in 3 weeks, although losing weight is not exactly an aim for 2016 eating better is, aside from that, these are my other goals for 2016:

  1. Run more – Already signed up to the Southampton ABP 10K and Go Tri Hamble a Duathlon which consists of a 2k run, 9k bike & final 2k run. Aim is to complete a couple more before 2017.
  2. Eat Healthy – This is pretty much covered in my previous post.
  3. Travel – Travel is a generic title, I want to go on holiday but I also want to start planning a BIG trip in September 2017 which will involve saving a lot of money & researching a lot! (more on this bit later).
  4. Gym more – We live in the UK.. the weather isn’t always suited to running, so using the gym, pool, etc will be a final goal to help keep me in shape.



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