My Favourite Links

So Today I want to look at websites I checkout daily, you never know some of them may come in handy for you;

Sean Ogle – I have been a fan of Sean for about 3 years, regularly checking his site for ideas, including my Bucket List page.

Inc – This is usually business orientated, comes in quite handy for management advice, setting goals, etc.

Entrepreneur – I am not an Entrepreneur but this again comes in handy for work tips, I admit this one isn’t on my daily list (more like weekly).

Ask Men – For guys this website is a must, lifestyle, fashion, health, man stuff.

Men’s Health – Again similar to the above but more health specific (nutrition, work-outs, etc.).

Telegraph Travel – Usually weekly its always nice to plan or look for ideas of places you want to see. It helps motivate you towards goals, whether it be getting fit for summer or planning that Bucket List of your own.

NBA – Not for everyone, but I am a huge Basketball fan so I make sure to check scores daily.


Twitter – If you don’t know these 2… I honestly don’t know what world you live in.

Instagram – As above.


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