5 Things I Sucked at in 2015

You wouldn’t know it unless you followed this blog a year ago, but this is about my 3rd attempt at making a conscious effort to update this blog regularly.

Last year I set myself a 101 day challenge, to increase fitness, eat healthy, workout, read, wake up early! etc. it worked for about 4 days then fell into the abyss.

This year I already feel like I have made a better start and I am more committed than this time last year, I hope this continues. So from that I thought its best to look back on 2015 and see what I really truly sucked at.

  1. I started writing then I stopped – Like I said above, I honestly thought I would post every few days last year. I got to 4 days and failed. This year I am committed to posting once a week.
  2. I didn’t stick to my fitness goals – I occasionally went to the gym, I played basketball most weeks, but I ate unhealthy (most weekends), I drank (alcohol specifically – a lot), I did no events. This year I think signing up to 3 events already this year will help me stick to my goals of keeping fit.
  3. I didn’t read as much as I wanted – My plan last year was to read almost every night before bed… safe to say, I think I finished maybe 2 books! I haven’t made the same commitment this year but I would like to finish more than 2 books.
  4. Waking up on time – Part of my 101 day challenge was to wake up early every day, this was the main part I failed on.. I hate mornings.. I haven’t set myself this goal again because I know I wont stick to it.
  5. Doing University coursework in time – I was pretty bad for coursework last year, leaving it to generally the last week or two before the deadline before I actually started, so far I have been pretty bad this year too, not helped by work schedule, coaching, gym, etc.. My priority is this goal over the next few bits of coursework, try to do it a month in advance!

So that’s mine, now think back and consider what you sucked at in 2015.


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