Basketball Making a Difference

So far in 2016 Basketball has been a huge part of my schedule. I have played 4 games, 1 win & 3 losses unfortunately and we have 9 games left between now and end of March.

The benefits are that I can definitely feel myself getting fitter with each passing game, probably due to my change of diet and my increase in work outs, this week will be 2 games and 1 gym session.

Other benefit is getting my confidence in the game back, I am playing local league Division 1 which is a little higher than the local league Division 4 which I played last season. Defensively I feel good, I can generally hold my own against the players I match up with.. offensively I just need to find my shot again.

In the middle, I cant decide if this is positive or negative, is that my competitiveness is going up.. I was relatively competitive before but now I can feel myself getting angry/upset when we lose, especially against teams we should beat.. Last night I stayed after the game for 30 minutes shooting baskets and my arms physically ached but I didn’t want to stop because I was so disappointed that we lost.

We will see in the future if this is a benefit or a negative, I hope it will become a positive as having a competitive side is always a good thing.

The only negative is my VivoSmart HR watch, I can’t wear it during games, doesn’t seem so bad but when its linked to my health insurance which gives me 10 points for 30 mins of exerciser I’m losing out on a huge number of points because of this.

What sports do you play?

I will post again at the end of the season and hopefully our record will be a little better.


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