New Daily Routine

So today I found a new blog!

If you’re ever stuck for things to read…just google what you want to read about, today I was looking for blogs similar to mine so I searched for ‘Best Guy Blogs’ and one of the best I found here was a guy called James Altucher.. you can check out his site here.

I enjoyed this blog from the first article.. on the second, I found 1 specific thing that I really liked…

“Every day I write down ideas. I write down so many ideas that it hurts my head to come up with one more. Then I try to write down five more. The other day I tried to write 100 alternatives kids can do other than go to college. I wrote down eight, which I wrote about here. I couldn’t come up with anymore. Then the next day I came up with another 40. It definitely stretched my head. No ideas today? Memorize all the legal 2 letter words for Scrabble.”

…you can read the full article on his site.

Why do I specifically like this part? I like how it forces us to think in different ways, business, life, basketball, health, food, coaching, etc.

For me as a basketball coach, with kids who plan on going to the USA to continue their basketball careers, an idea could be write down as many alternatives to the USA as possible, well there is Europe (Spain, Germany, Italy, pretty much every European Country has a very competitive league), play in the UK, play in the UK & GO TO UNIVERSITY (an option that for some reason a lot of players forget), the way Leicester Riders is set up has great links with Loughborough, Northumbria Uni with Newcastle Eagles, great ways to start a basketball career while getting a degree in-case the basketball side doesn’t work out.

There are so many applications for this, and it can be something different every day.. the main thing is just to write these ideas down and just let your mind think for 5 minutes, some times were so busy working towards deadlines & doing specific tasks or watching TV that we don’t even let our own minds think.. even if its just for 5 minutes.

So that’s my list for today, I wont post all of my lists but that’s my example. Now its your turn.

Feel free to comment with your lists if you can spare 5 minutes to let your mind THINK.


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