My Attempt at Running 10k

So yesterday I completed the Southampton 10k! (Whoops just realised I scheduled publication on 25th MAY instead of April!).

All on very minimal training, as you can see I stopped posting quite a while back, which was close to when I started a new project working 1/2 days a week in Crawley, going from Southampton this was giving me a 12/13 hour work day including commute and my training schedule dropped off a cliff.

About 4 weeks ago I then remembered I needed to complete the 10k on the 24th April & I kicked in some training… the below image is the extent of my training + 10k run….

Running Log

The most I did during training was a 4 mile run about 4 days before the event so the step up to a full 10k was a bit more than expected.

Luckily my running partner Darryn was with me on the day and we kept a good pace throughout and both managed to finish just under the 1 hour mark!

My official time was 59mins and 38seconds.

10k Certificate

Good news is that I am now in somewhat of a routine and I have planned to continue my running with the hope of completing another 10k in the coming months, with potential to move onto a 10 mile run in the future (Nov maybe).

I am also signed up to do the Southampton Gung-Ho 5k fun-run on Saturday 7th May which should be a good laugh.

Lets see what happens.

Have you done any runs recently? London, Southampton, I would love to hear about it in the comments! 🙂


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