I’m Terrible At Goals

Update – its been 267 days since my last post Motivation and I have done nothing.

Tomorrow it would have been 1 full year since my post 2016 The Year For Goals and again I have done pretty much nothing (not eating healthier consistently, not working out consistently, etc). Since those two posts I have done exactly 2 things, the Southampton 10k and Southampton Gung-Ho… I haven’t done anything for my 2017 plan that I mentioned in my motivation article.. mainly because my mountain bike (the one I planned to use on most events) was stolen 4 days after I moved into a new flat in August.

Losing a £450 bike & not being able to afford a new one has limited my ability to ride and do the things I wanted to do.

I know it sounds like a lame excuse but considering my list included 200 miles on a mountain bike over 3 days, without a mountain bike its fairly difficult.

Consistency seems to be the key word, I start to workout, eat healthy, wake up earlier & then I stop, I don’t go to the gym twice a week like I planned.. in all honesty I don’t go once a week.

So what does this all mean.. and whats the point of this article.

I have no idea, maybe its because I need a bump start to 2017 to try and find some semblance of motivation to at least try harder this year.. or maybe its just because I need somewhere to vent and just write something simply because.


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