Since my last post on the 26th January I have been on three runs! Thursdays with 2 work colleagues who are both very keen runners & last night (Monday) on my own.. I will join them again this Thursday.

Considering I haven’t run for about 6 months, and stopped going to the gym back in October I wasn’t exactly prepared for run 1. A 4 mile trip after work in the cold weather, but I managed to keep up with the pace & hopefully didn’t slow them down too much.

My legs didn’t stop aching till the following Wednesday, followed by another 3 miles the day after! Good news, the second run was much more bearable and I didn’t ache too much after.

This was followed up by a short 1.5 mile run last night around Southampton (Ocean Village/Oxford Street).. if you live in the center of Town its nice to get out and see the city, Ocean Village is going to be the highlight of my runs from now on.

Now to the title of this post & new motivation to do more exercise.. a great title for Valentines Day.. “Squishy” is apparently my new nickname thanks to my girlfriend, so yeah, that needs to change! Better keep running!


*Photo is from back in June 2016 & is not an accurate picture from my last night’s run 🙂


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