Keeping Busy

Posts on this site seem to be random and infrequent. I seem to decide to post and then roll off a random topic before not checking back for another few weeks, or months in some cases.

Recently I have had a number of things keeping me busy when really I should be focusing on more important things (University coursework!), but I do love to procrastinate.

Of the things keeping me busy at the moment 2 things are taking up some time, and the first may sound strange but;

  1. Selling Coins – I know, odd, but my dad has been selling coins for the good part of 30 years & he has been unwell recently so I have been trying to help move some of his massive stock!
  2. Ranking Basketball Prospects – Some of you may know I am a basketball coach in the little spare time I have and British basketball seems to be missing a comprehensive and unbiased rankings system of its junior prospects, so I set up Hoops Rank to provide a place where players can be highlighted & then hopefully be seen by college coaches in the USA, therefore providing the kids with a way of reaching their goal of playing in the States if they wish.

Those, plus all the other things I do tend to keep me busy which explains my lack of content.

I think the reason I post on here is because I miss posting elsewhere, I used to blog for a basketball website (Ball in Europe) but I haven’t written an article in a very long time so have been using this as a place to let out random, usually useless pieces of information that probably go unread most of the time.

But at least in my mind it gives me a way of letting some stuff out, plus I feel bad when I don’t post.. so, for anyone out there that actually reads this page.. maybe I will write again in a couple of months. Check back then.


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