NYC Here We Come!!

In my last post I mentioned some big news coming up… well now its no longer a secret (girlfriend didn’t find out until her Birthday last week!) I will be going to NYC next month for a week long trip and I am incredibly excited. 

I have been to New York twice, once as a 13 year old on a basketball trip and the second time as a 15 year old with my mum, both times I couldn’t really do a lot as I was a bit too young, and my mum want exactly a computer wizz so her planning skills were not perfect and we missed A Lot of stuff!

This time I feel I am already pretty well prepared… obviously things can change once we arrive and I am sure things will pop up that we want to do but generally we have a plan for each day.

We have purchased a New York Pass… I will let you know if that’s worth it once I am back, they cost about $250 for a 5 day pass so I think its important to make sure they are worth what you spend up front.

In addition to the pass with access to attractions such as the Guggenheim Museum and Statue of Liberty we will look into getting tickets for a New York Yankees game.

As a basketball fan I am a little disappointed I cant go to an NBA game (mainly because the Knicks and Nets suck) but I have experienced those before and I think a Baseball game is definitely on the Bucket List.

I will keep updating about this trip over the coming weeks and once I get there I will be taking loads of photos so be sure to follow my Instagram and check back soon!


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