NYC Day Planner – Day 3

Today we are looking at the plan for the first proper day of sightseeing on our NYC trip!

We have got a New York Pass which for $250 gives us access to A LOT of museums, attractions and tickets onto the open top bus. So to get maximum value for money we will use the buses which run every 15 minutes to get us to each of the following stops, then we can use our free entries into the specific places we want to see.

The bus starts on W 42nd & Broadway which is pretty much the corner of Times Square from here we will get off at stop 3 which includes the Empire State building. from here we can either walk to stop 4 or hop back on the bus.

Stop 4, this is about 900 meters from the Empire State, a great chance to walk and admire the shops and then get a great view of the Flat Iron building as you arrive on the corner of 5th Avenue & W 23rd at Madison Square Park.

From here we can bus down to stop 6 which is the Washington Square Park on E 8th Street & Mercer Street, this includes the Washington Square Arch (think of a mini Arc de Triomphe). Back on the bus to stop 9  for a little wander around Chinatown.

Next stop is City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge plan is to head over, either walking, cycle or taxi with an option to eat in Brooklyn (Know a good place to eat near the Brooklyn Bridge let me know in the comments). Would love to see Jane’s Carousel, Pier 1 and the DUMBO area before heading back over bridge.

Once we are back in Manhattan (Possibly via taxi to city hall) we will take a short walk past St Paul’s Chapel and across to the 9/11 Memorial and One World Trade Center.

From here a short walk will take us to Broadway & Wall Street including Trinity Church, the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall.  Off at Stop 12 brings us to Battery Park for a view of the Statue of Liberty, also the National Archives and the Museum of the American Indian.

Lastly might be a stop off at number 13 for South Street Seaport. The last bit is a ride all the way back up to M&M World near the start at Times Square, taking in the UN building & Trump Tower on route.

Are you planning a trip to New York City? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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