NYC Day Planner – Day 5

16 days till NYC and it’s taken a while but the plan for day 5 is finally ready!

Day 5 is a pretty big day, similar to day 3 it will include the open top bus  for the North of Manhattan.

Getting on the bus at stop 18 in Times Square (these are the stop numbers from the Hop on Hop Off Bus, in case you guys use the same company 🙂 ) off at stop 20 on the corner of Central Park & Columbus Circle. From here we can check out the USS Maine Monument and possibly the Museum of Arts and Design before a quick ride on the bus to stop 21 for the Lincoln Center.

From here stop 21 takes us to the American Museum of Natural history, plan is to explore this fully on day 7 but while we are here its a good quick photo opportunity.

Next stop 24 for the Cathedral of St John the Divine, a stunning venue in the Morningside Heights area where we can also take a short walk alongside Morningside Park to the smaller Church of Notre Dame.

Stop 24 on Riverside Drive & W 122nd St for Grants Tomb, Sakura Park and the Riverside Church. Back on the bus to stop 26 for Apollo Theater and the Harlem Market possibly before riding the bus alongside Central Park to Stop 27 for the Museum of the City of New York.

From here we can ride on the bus to stop 28 for the Guggenheim Museum then walk alongside Central Park to The Met & Neue Galerie.

Lastly we can either walk alongside Central Park from stop 28 all the way to stop 30 for the Frick Museum or we can get the bus (it is free after all) before getting off at our final stop 32 and then walk/taxi back to hotel. Normal trips can return to M&M World.

Should be a long any busy day with arguably more to see in the North with more museums, etc. compared with Southern Manhattan. Did I miss anything? Any recommendations for Lunch in the Upper West Side/Morningside Areas?


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