NYC Day Planner – Days 6&7

Last 2 days on the planner for New York City include 2 main attractions.

Central Park & the American Natural History Museum!

With limited details to write about these two places I thought it best to include both days on a single post.

The Tuesday (day 6) see’s us take a trip into Central Park, included in our New York Pass is a free 3 hour bike rental to explore Central Park! With this we can cycle around and explore some of the more popular photo locations such as Bethesda Terrace & Fountain, the Mall & Literary Walk, Cherry Hill Fountain, Wagner Cove, Strawberry Fields, Bow Bridge… etc.

Following our bike ride we can move onto the attractions that wont need the bike. The zoo and the conservatory being the main two that we want to see, but we need to squeeze in Belvedere Castle at some point too.

In the evening I plan on taking my girlfriend for a romantic dinner to celebrate our anniversary, she might read this so the rest is staying a secret 🙂

Day 7 is the day we fly home but before we make the transfer across to the airport the morning plan is to explore the American Natural History museum and fingers crossed we wont get lost and miss our transfer home!

Still cant believe this trip is next week, check back soon for  the next New York City post and follow my Instagram ready to be spammed with lots of NYC Pictures.


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