My Bad

Hey All,

Wow its almost mid-way through September and I realised I haven’t posted anything on the site for almost a month! My bad.

August/September has been a crazy busy month, I do a distance learning degree so my academic year runs from Dec – September..weird huh? This means that July/August is revision time and exam are the first proper week of September.

That hasn’t left much time for blogging, or much else, a severe reduction in Netflix, a lack of exercise and a major lapse in my relatively good diet I had made into a habit.. I went from eating chicken & rice to getting KFC delivered.. bad I know.

Getting home from exams, I missed a shopping session, then I didn’t have much time to go out and shop after exams so I settled for a lot of take-away’s. Whoops! but now exams are over its back to eating healthy.

Its also time to get back on with normal life, work and back to blogging, playing basketball and everything I have missed over the revision period.

I plan on blogging more regularly from now on about travel, life, fitness & general health and well-being, if those topics interest you check back soon to see whats been happening 🙂


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