I’m a Big Kid

So my next holiday is booked! Boom!

And I am going to Disneyland Paris! Damn I’m such a grown-up.

Trying to find a holiday 2 weeks before you plan on going is fricken hard, we booked time off like 3 months ago with the plan of booking and paying for something in the near future… financial restrictions and lack of free time resulted in me and my girlfriend trying to book a week long all-inclusive trip to the Canary Islands 2 weeks before our departure date.

It was almost impossible, not only were prices extortionate (£650 was the cheapest), but we saw a hotel at 7pm Saturday evening and by 9pm the last room was gone. So we stressed Sunday trying to find anything and decided to maybe cancel the holiday altogether.. then my girlfriend suggested Disneyland.

Hotel booked, park tickets booked and train sorted and about 2 hours later we were all set for out trip to Disneyland!

It’s not the sunny, relaxing, all-inclusive holiday we had planned, but it is considerably cheaper (saving money for the next trip) and its just a fun, short trip to just enjoy being a big kid.


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