Hi all,

I’m Sam and I’m a male blogger from Southampton, England. I generally blog about potentially random crap such as travel, lifestyle and at some points fitness. I occasionally do random fitness events, such as the Southampton 10k and then I write about it. Sometimes I go on holiday and post all my plans and pictures. Sometimes I just vent about utter rubbish.

I enjoy writing, reading, running, basketball and photography and this is somewhere to blog about almost all of those things.

I hope that this website gives you some motivation or helps with your ‘Bucket List’ any questions feel free to comment on the posts.


Twitter – https://twitter.com/chadwick9

Instagram – srchadwick91


Boring stuff – Copyright – All images and posts have been taken or written by me and should therefore not be shared without my permission and/or credit/link. Thanks 🙂

If you want to ask for permission tweet me or email src@srchadwick.com 


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