NYC Day Planner – Days 6&7

Last 2 days on the planner for New York City include 2 main attractions.

Central Park & the American Natural History Museum!

With limited details to write about these two places I thought it best to include both days on a single post. Continue reading “NYC Day Planner – Days 6&7”

NYC Day Planner – Day 4

If you haven’t had a chance yet check days 1/2 and day 3 here and here ūüôā

Following from those, day 4 covers very little especially compared to a day 3 which is full of different sights.

Day 4 starts off with a short subway trip down to¬† Bowling Green Station followed¬†by a short walk to Battery Park. From here our NYC Pass¬†gives us access to the ferry across to the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Continue reading “NYC Day Planner – Day 4”

NYC Day Planner – Day 3

Today we are looking at the plan for the first proper day of sightseeing on our NYC trip!

We have got a New York Pass which for $250 gives us access to A LOT of museums, attractions and tickets onto the open top bus. So to get¬†maximum value for money we will use the buses which run every 15 minutes to get us to each of the following stops, then we can use our free entries into the specific places we want to see. Continue reading “NYC Day Planner – Day 3”

NYC Day Planner – Days 1&2

With almost 1 month to go I wanted to start sharing my daily plan’s with you guys.
These aren’t rigid, definite plans, as with all holidays and trips, things change, the weather could be awful or something might come up that’s more important, however I think its best to have a plan, especially with New York having so much to offer. So off we go..

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Keeping Busy

Posts on this site seem to be random and infrequent. I seem to decide to post and then roll off a random topic before not checking back for another few weeks, or months in some cases.

Recently I have had a number of things keeping me busy when really I should be focusing on more important things (University coursework!), but I do love to procrastinate. Continue reading “Keeping Busy”