Bullet Journal – Take 2

This area of my blog is just about Bullet Journals, if you want the travel, life, blogging stuff head back to my home page. If you’re interested in the BUJO continue.

As I mentioned in my last post I have only really just discovered Bullet Journaling and now take 2 focuses on what I have included at the beginning.

The Future Plan.

My future plan is currently 8 months simply because I have started a little late and therefore runs May – Dec, the future plans includes everything you may have planned for the year, a summer holiday, birthdays, anniversary’s, anything specific you think may be beneficial to see on your year overview.

The little things can all go in monthly/weekly plans.

I personally wont have masses in my year plan as I want it to be focused on the big things. monthly is the big things + key monthly dates and then finally weekly focuses on every day tasks and events.

I have a second ‘future plan’ section at the rear of my journal which covers 3 years. When I was younger I always had a 5 year plan. Now I think 5 years is too long for a plan, and therefore 3 fits right in. In this plan I have included all of my ideas for travel trips over the next 3 years, birthdays, etc.

The main focus is on travel, university and getting Chartered (I’m a Quantity Surveyor by day and want to become a Chartered Surveyor). This way once I get to the end of the year I can transfer from my 3 year plan into my new Future Plan.

If you want to see the 3 year plan check my BUJO specific Instagram.

Whats in your Future Plan? Do you have a 3 year plan, or 5 years, what do you included?


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