Bullet Journal – Take 3

Its been a while since my last BUJO post, take 2 which focused on my Future Plan. This weeks focus is my Monthly Plan.

Since starting I have done 2 monthly logs (even though I started on 28th April I wanted to use April as a test).

My monthly plan includes the following;

  • Full Month Calendar
  • Monthly Goals
  • Monthly To Do
  • Quote of the Month

I didn’t make any changes from April to May but already have some plans for June which will include a tracker, fitness and food plan so check back next month to see that layout.

I have found that having monthly goals & to-dos really helps especially with the blogging, Instagram, etc.

April for example had goals of 5 new blog posts and I have already seen huge benefits to the blog since I increased how much I am writing. I also had a goal of 5 new Instagram posts and going for a run. I did all of those things, and Instagram I actually did more than I planned.

So far the BUJO is really doing what I need it to. Keeping me on track with my goals and to-do’s while providing me with a little motivation via my Monthly Tracker to do things like drink more water, take vitamins daily, stay away from fizzy drinks (more on those in the next BUJO post).

Whats included in your monthly bullet journal layouts? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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