30 Day 10km Challenge – Done

Somehow I managed to do a 10km run with just 3 practice runs under my belt (3.33 Miles – Longest).

Total training mileage = 7.99 Miles

Total race mileage = 6.34 Miles

So I almost did the same number of miles in the race as I did TOTAL for training! I really wish I was better at organising myself, motivating myself and just generally sticking with running as I felt really good after the race and felt that after each run I could feel myself adjusting to the running way of life. Would love to continue that running on a far more consistent basis.

Maybe that is why I am considering getting involved with Running Down Dementia – https://runningdowndementia.org/  – My Grandpa had Dementia, and although I am fairly terrible at fundraising, I completely forgot about it for the Southampton 10km, you can donate here if you wish (not sure how long the page stays live after the event), it may be a way that I can raise both awareness and some much needed funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK (I will keep you posted if I sign up – maybe).

Anyway, this is just a short post to say, yes, I did it, 10km in 30 days complete. Time breakdown below.

If you’re signed up to, or considering that 100km before end of August for Dementia let me know in the comments.


30 Day 10km Challenge

So, I have inadvertently given myself the challenge of completing a 10 kilometer run with just 30 days worth of training! Shit!

If you read 2017 – Slightly Better I kinda mentioned I would be running a half marathon in April this year, well, a massive lack of commitment and dedication from me, in addition to a range of other rubbish excuses I requested a change from the half marathon to the 10k.

Then for about 2 months I still managed to do no training whatsoever, which has left me in my current predicament.

I am running the Southampton 10k on the 22nd April, its the 22nd March and I have 0 kilometers under my belt.

I hope that playing basketball once a week will in some way save me from being utterly embarrassed by my work colleague who has said she can run with me and I am also hoping that in the next 30 days I can prepare myself enough that I can still manage a reasonable time.

Aside from that I hope to pick up a couple of run’s over the next few weeks and I will of course keep you up to date with how the run goes.

Who knows, if it goes really well I may let you have my training plan so that you too can completely forget, leave it to the last minute and then panic knowing that at least if you fail, you tried and really that’s all that matters.

Last time I ran the 10k I managed to squeeze across the line, under 1 hour.. just about. So I guess my aim is to do the same if not slightly better… I am not exactly confident at this moment in time.

Have you ran a 10k with little to no training? Let me know in the comments about how terrible it was so that it motivates me to train harder out of fear. Thanks.