Over that last few days I have been looking at planning a big event next year, a challenge for myself to raise some money for a charity.

The plan is to do 7 events ranging from relatively small (10k or 10miles) up to big (200miles on a mountain bike over 3 days) across 2017.

My motivation was simple, get fit and active while raising a good figure for my chosen charity.

However I got an extra boost of motivation when I told my mum my plan, normally parents are supportive and believe their kids can do anything and although she was supportive, she felt there was no chance I could complete these 7 events, specifically the 3 day bike ride.

Personally for me this makes me want to do it 100x more just to prove that I can do it.

I will post again in a few days once I have the plan more finalised and some details ironed out, but hopefully it will be pretty big.