Thank F*ck Its 2018

Aside from New York, becoming an Uncle, Disneyland and finally getting my degree the year 2017 was absolutely fucking shit, so I’m pretty damn happy that it is a new year and I can get a fresh start!


I’m trying to save the doom and gloom but I don’t think 2017 could have been much worse, losing my Dad, Grandpa and Dog all in the space of 10 months was a bit crap so I want to start 2018 with a fresh mind-set.

I have been pretty awful at sticking to goals in the past, so bad that in 2017 I didn’t even bother, however despite not blogging about it I did have some goals in 2017.

  • Making this a .com website
  • Creating a new logo

Are just a couple of examples, I also managed to grow my measly social media following (across Twitter, Instagram, etc) from around 950 up to 1,250 a struggle considering the follow-un-follow bots on bloody Instagram!

I did a little mini-post looking at 2017 from a blogging perspective here and it was fairly good, almost 1,000 page views, so a good goal for this year is to double that to 2,000.

I also posted 25 articles so target for 2018 is 45, with the things I have planned this year that shouldn’t be a problem. Now that’s enough for the blog.

Personal goals this year I will keep short and sweet;

  1. Road trip to West Coast USA.
  2. Improve fitness enough so I don’t die during the Southampton Half-Marathon (April!).
  3. Improve my morning routine.
  4. Sort finances (pay off debt, credit cards, etc.).
  5. Start the process of becoming a Chartered Quantity Surveyor.
  6. Read more books and blogs.
  7. Post loads more on Instagram (Yes the follow-un-follow people piss me off but Instagram is still a pretty awesome place).
  8. Write more, not just on this blog but on BallinEurope & Hoopsrank.

Lastly I want to set-up a new website, very different to this blog and I wont post about it just yet, might not even happen but its just an idea for something I want to do away from work in my spare time, so we will see what happens with that.

Do you have any goals for this year? Blogging and personally? Let me know in the comments below… or if you have an article about it that I can read, maybe add to my own also let me know!