30 Day 10km Challenge – Done

Somehow I managed to do a 10km run with just 3 practice runs under my belt (3.33 Miles – Longest).

Total training mileage = 7.99 Miles

Total race mileage = 6.34 Miles

So I almost did the same number of miles in the race as I did TOTAL for training! I really wish I was better at organising myself, motivating myself and just generally sticking with running as I felt really good after the race and felt that after each run I could feel myself adjusting to the running way of life. Would love to continue that running on a far more consistent basis.

Maybe that is why I am considering getting involved with Running Down Dementia – https://runningdowndementia.org/  – My Grandpa had Dementia, and although I am fairly terrible at fundraising, I completely forgot about it for the Southampton 10km, you can donate here if you wish (not sure how long the page stays live after the event), it may be a way that I can raise both awareness and some much needed funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK (I will keep you posted if I sign up – maybe).

Anyway, this is just a short post to say, yes, I did it, 10km in 30 days complete. Time breakdown below.

If you’re signed up to, or considering that 100km before end of August for Dementia let me know in the comments.


My Attempt at Running 10k

So yesterday I completed the Southampton 10k! (Whoops just realised I scheduled publication on 25th MAY instead of April!).

All on very minimal training, as you can see I stopped posting quite a while back, which was close to when I started a new project working 1/2 days a week in Crawley, going from Southampton this was giving me a 12/13 hour work day including commute and my training schedule dropped off a cliff.

About 4 weeks ago I then remembered I needed to complete the 10k on the 24th April & I kicked in some training… the below image is the extent of my training + 10k run….

Running Log

The most I did during training was a 4 mile run about 4 days before the event so the step up to a full 10k was a bit more than expected.

Luckily my running partner Darryn was with me on the day and we kept a good pace throughout and both managed to finish just under the 1 hour mark!

My official time was 59mins and 38seconds.

10k Certificate

Good news is that I am now in somewhat of a routine and I have planned to continue my running with the hope of completing another 10k in the coming months, with potential to move onto a 10 mile run in the future (Nov maybe).

I am also signed up to do the Southampton Gung-Ho 5k fun-run on Saturday 7th May which should be a good laugh.

Lets see what happens.

Have you done any runs recently? London, Southampton, I would love to hear about it in the comments! 🙂