NYC – The Review – Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of the NYC Review check it here. 🙂

Now Part 2!

The High Line is fantastic, an old disused subway line that used to run above the city converted into a park that glides above the city featuring plants, sitting areas, awesome views and a different perspective on such a vibrant city.

The wildlife, the colours, the difference from walking on pavements for 99% of the trip, the High Line is really great and its free!

If you’re in NYC this is a must see from start to finish. Apart from the struggle to find the entrance, it was all awesome, we entered on W 34th Street by the Jacob K Jarvis Convention Center (which is huge FYI), we made our way to the end at Gansevoort Street next to the Whitney Museum of American Art.

We followed this up with a delicious lunch at Bubby’s (warning their website may cause food envy), if you finish your High Line experience at this end I highly recommend this place, you wont miss it as its straight across the road, even if you just want an ice cream you can grab an Ample Hill Creamery Ice Cream just past the entrance for the Restaurant. If you can grab a table inside the Bubby’s Burger is pretty awesome too.

Next up watching the Baseball at Yankee Stadium, wow, what an experience, great to see this side of the American culture.. but the game really wasn’t for me, the Yankee’s lost 4 – 1 (yes they managed just 1 run in the entire 3 and a half hours we were there), they also only managed to hit the ball (not including foul balls, etc.) a grand total of 5 times ?!?! 5 times in almost 4 hours are you kidding me? Good atmosphere, cool photo’s of the stadium, but we got unlucky and had a pretty boring game. The highlight was the food, go to the game just for the food.. we also managed to bag a free frozen glass for being one of the first 25,000 (I think) in the stadium.

Last up in this review is the shopping, damn, being a guy who doesn’t exactly enjoy shopping, I spent $$$. A new fancy watch, new basketball trainers, tonnes of new clothes, I left with a half empty suitcase weighing in at about 10kg, and I left with 20! My wallet isn’t going to thank me for a while.

It goes without saying really but NYC is shopping central, I don’t really even need to tell you where I shopped because you will already know, but Macy’s and Century 21 (Near the WTC) were definitely providing the most bargains during this trip.

Check back soon for even more reviews.

And if you’re going to NYC and plan on visiting any of these places let me know in the comments 🙂

NYC – The Review – Part 1

Sooo NYC obviously was awesome, I’m sure you have seen the pictures and can tell I had an amazing time.

My feet ached after about 2/3 days from walking about 12 miles per day!

That didn’t stop us though as we kept on walking and taking in the amazing sights right up till the last day.

The weather for our trip was a little disappointing, but that was the only thing negative about the entire holiday… and by that I don’t mean it was terrible, it just wasn’t sunny, lovely and nice daily everyday like I would have wished, etc.

We semi-stuck to my daily plans posted previously but we didn’t manage to fit everything we had on the itinerary. Walking 12 miles a day was tiring and somethings there just wasn’t the motivation to do.

The Statue of Liberty for example we took in from Battery Park and didn’t do the cruise because the water was a bit choppy, weather was a bit grey and we didn’t feel up to it (there is always next time).

A couple of other things that really stood out to me;

The NYC Pass was really useful, queue jumps, bus rides, entry, etc.. at the 9/11 memorial and museum for example we got a priority  lane and the tickets were included. For the open top bus we again got our tickets and didn’t have to pay on the day (the only thing was we had to use the tickets on successive days – I was hoping we could do 1 tour Monday for example and another on Wednesday, no biggie).

Americans/New Yorker’s please don’t hate me but.. The American Museum of Natural History isn’t as good as London, it was a good day and one I would recommend if you have the time but I wouldn’t prioritise it in future and if you do go .. make sure you get the local train because if you get the express you end up wayyyyy up town. We got the ‘A’ line and ended up at 125th street! we needed 81st!! (you need B or C).

If you’re a sports fan, do the tour of Madison Square Garden, I’m a huge basketball fan and even though I have been to an NBA game here and they didn’t have the basketball court set-up 😦 it was still really cool to look back on the history (Muhammad Ali vs Fraizer) and see the changing rooms, private suites, etc. Plus our tour guide was pretty good too which made it really interesting.

Highlight of the trip by a mile was Bar Sixty Five at the Rainbow Room, we somehow managed to get arguably the best table with a view of the Empire State building and all the way downtown to the World Trade Center, it was stunning, I’m scared of heights but I swear this was the best experience of my life. This picture doesn’t even do it justice..

We didn’t plan on it but we even ended up eating here, we originally planned cocktails only, but we didn’t want to leave, I would go back tonight, and tomorrow and forever if I could! Seriously.

There is more to come.. this trip had too much stuff for just one blog post. So check back another time to read what else we got up to.

NYC Day Planner – Day 4

If you haven’t had a chance yet check days 1/2 and day 3 here and here 🙂

Following from those, day 4 covers very little especially compared to a day 3 which is full of different sights.

Day 4 starts off with a short subway trip down to  Bowling Green Station followed by a short walk to Battery Park. From here our NYC Pass gives us access to the ferry across to the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Continue reading “NYC Day Planner – Day 4”