Bucket List

I am not sure how many of you have seen the classic film – The Bucket List. This film as well as mentioned before inspiration from Ted Leonsis and Sean Ogle have made me commit to creating a list of things to do before I kick the bucket, a bucket list. Some are more fun and some are more serious (Like get married, buy a house etc). I hope some can inspire you and you can help me as I work to achive as many of these items before I kick the bucket (not too soon I hope).

1. Get Married

2. Have Kids

3. Continue Family Name  –  Again to some people this is not a big deal, my dad’s side of the family is pretty small and obviously I am therefore the only one which can continue my family name, I am sure there are other Chadwick’s but this is just something I have always been proud of and wanted to do. It also link’s with the above goal of having kid’s.

4. Own My Dream Home  –  As a kid my dream home was a mansion in the Tuscan Hills of Italy, now the perfect home is somewhere that just feels like home, somewhere I can live happily, raise my kid’s and just have a great life. This goal may take some time to achive.

5. Own A Holiday Home  –  I pretty much hate British weather, I think it sucks, maybe a beach house in Italy or a Mountain retreat in Switzerland.

6. Own A Dream Car  –  Something like a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, or BMW M3.

7. Change Someone’s Life  –  I know cheesy right? But I honestly feel we should be able to changes people’s live’s, my basketball coaches (I wont say specific names) I have had a few, have changed my life, as have my parents, grand parents and friends.

8. Go To The NBA All-Star Weekend

9. Go To The NBA Finals

10. Make £1Million By Age 40

11. Drink Vodka In Russia

12. Eat Sushi In Japan

13. Get a Degree

14. Become MRICS – Okay so some of you might not understand this. Membership to Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. I know, it sounds thrilling, its just something I have aimed for since the age of 15.

15. Coach A Regional Basketball Team – As a coach below coaching GB/England the next level down is coaching a regional team and helping show off some of the South of England’s best talent to the England team selectors. – Complete

16. Play Poker or Roulette In Vegas – Hopefully I wont lose all my money..

17. Visit My Roots In Ravello (Italy) – So my family on my mums side comes from Ravello, Italy, and I would love to visit their some day.

18. Visit Venice – One of the worlds most beautiful places. – Complete

19. Go To The NCAA Final Fours – College basketball at its finest, the NCAA Tournament is the end to a fantastic basketball season.

20. Go On A Cruise

21. Get A Masters Degree – In addition to getting a Degree I would quite like to get a Masters, currently hoping to do European Basketball Coaching in a few years time.

22. Win A National Championship – Coaching basketball, the goal is always to develop players to the top of their ability but at the same time a National Championship is the aim of the whole team.

23. Go Skinny Dipping

24. Visit Iceland & Swim In The Blue Lagoon – Iceland is known for its hot springs with The Blue Lagoon being the most popular. – Complete

25. Attend a Full Moon Party in Thailand – hopefully while I am still young I would like to travel a little bit and a Full Moon party sounds like the best thing to try.

26. Attend The Monaco Grand Prix – The Monaco Grand Prix usually gives F1 its most spectacular races of the year.

27. Attend Snowbombing – If you don’t know what it is http://www.snowbombing.com/ – 1 word – Awesome!

28. Visit New York City – The city that never sleeps is top of my list of places to visit. – Complete

29. Go Skydiving – Okay so I am scared of heights, but to me jumping out of a plane is different, so hopefully I could manage this.. We will see.

30. Go Skiing/Snowboarding – Don’t know if I will be any good, haven’t ever tried. Would be worth learning in advance of No 27.

31. Finish a Half Marathon – Time doesn’t matter, but the attempt does. – Complete

32. Finish a Full Marathon – I would like to try and achieve a respectable time.

33. Go White-water Rafting – Extreme sports are fun!

34. Drive The Pacific Coast Highway/Route 66 – Two of the most awesome roads in the world, my preference is to drive from San Diego to Alaska via the pacific Coast highway (visit the Grand Canyon while I’m there).

35. Take a Gondola tour around Venice – This one requires I return to Venice for a 2nd trip.. Don’t mind if I do.

36. Learn to Surf – Either in Newquay, UK or Australia.

37. Visit The Following European Capitals – London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Bratislava, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Athens, Copenhagen, Kiev, Vienna, Zagreb, Valletta, Vilnius, Prague, Vatican City, Reykjavik, Oslo, Moscow, Monaco, Lisbon, Bern, Brussels, Belgrade.

38. Climb Machu Picchu – One of the many wonders of the world.

39. Top of The Eiffel Tower – Despite being scared of heights this is one task I did quite young. – Complete

40. Go on the London Eye – Some of the most impressive views of London – Complete

41. Visit all 7 Continents – Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America.

42. Go on an Unplanned Trip – Pack a bag and go to the airport, buy a ticket to the first place that stands out.

43. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

44. Visit the Niagara Falls

45. See Whales in the Wild

46. Own a Tailored Suit and an Expensive Watch

47. Invest in Solent Kestrels Basketball Club

48. Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef

49. Drive on the Nürburgring race Track, Germany

50. Take dad to a Manchester United Game at Old Trafford Complete – Man United vs FC Midtjylland Feb 2016 Europa League – Picture

51. Attend the British GP at Silverstone Complete

52. Walk the Great Wall of China

53. Go to a Baseball game in America Completed – NY Yankee’s vs Oakland Athletic May 2017 – Picture


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