West Coast Road Trip Planning – Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of the West Coast Road Trip Planning segment of the blog.

In total our trip is 24 days so this will be a 3 part series each looking at 8 days of our trip.

As with our NYC trip, things may go a little differently, we missed going over to the Statue of Liberty for example due to the weather, these things happen, if you’re planning a trip, don’t stress if you miss something, its 100% normal.

We fly out on the 12th October to Seattle, arriving in the city about midday, hopefully we can sleep on the plane and we can stay awake during the day, minimising the jet-lag that way we can maximise day 1 and 2 to explore as much of Seattle as possible in our 36 hours in the city.

On the morning of the 14th we take our first steps on our long trip south when we head to Mount Beljica, this offers some stunning views of Mt Rainier and according to the internet it is a fairly easy trail for hiking beginners, one website even says that its a great introduction to hiking for Kids! Perfect!

From here we will probably head to Randle as its a fairly easy stop on route to Mt St Helens, possible hike at Lava Canyon all depends on how tired we are from hiking Mt Beljica.

After a potential stop at Mt St Helens we will continue south to Portland (side note, NBA, please schedule a Portland Trailblazers game for the 15th November, thanks!)

Following Portland I am currently considering driving north to Cannon Beach even though our planned stop is in Newport which is south of Portland, this is mainly because Cannon Beach looks awesome and then we can drive the coast road past places like Otter Rock, etc. If you have been to Cannon Beach let me know in the comments if its worth the extra mileage.

Next stop is Gold beach approx 177 miles south of Newport taking the scenic route with view points such as Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint, Cape Perpetua, Heceta Head Lighthouse and a couple other spots.

Day 7 we plan on checking out as many redwoods as humanly possible, heading to Eureka we stop off at Redwoods National State Park and Patricks Point State Park.

Last stop for part 1 of this series is Fort Bragg, our final stopover before San Francisco. This section will mainly feature a drive through the Avenue of Giants this runs parallel with Highway 101 but takes a slightly more scenic approach through the redwoods for what should be an awesome little drive.

Have you driven Highway 101 or Highway 1.. any tips? Let us know in the comments! Thanks.


West Coast Here We Come!!

The next big trip is in the pipeline! We are going for a West Coast USA Roadtrip in October/November.

For now a very brief overview of our itinerary;

  1. Fly to Seattle
  2. Drive to Randle via Mount Beljica
  3. Portland
  4. Newport via Otter Rock (Potential 60 mile detour to see Cannon Beach (is it worth it? if you have been let me know in the comments))
  5. Gold Beach (Via Cape Perpetua and other awesome looking Oregon coast locations!)
  6. Eureka!
  7. Fort Bragg, CA not Fort Bragg, NC (Very important that the Sat-Nav gets this correct)
  8. San Francisco (Via Bodega Bay)
  9. Monterey
  10. Pismo Beach (Via BIG SUR! & Morro Bay)
  11. Los Angeles (Via Malibu)
  12. Disneyland (I realise this isn’t a destination like the rest but… if I don’t included this I will be killed by my girlfriend)
  13. Vegas Baby!
  14. Grand Canyon
  15. Bishop (Via Death Valley – Badwater Basin, Zabrinski Point, etc)
  16. Yosemite and all its awesomness!
  17. Oakland
  18. Fly Home 😦

In total, the trip is 23 days and features a few days in LA, San Francisco and Yosemite, overnight stops in most other places.

Total Mileage approx 2,690 miles.

Will publish some more detailed breakdowns over the next couple of weeks/months but some things we want to do include; some NBA games (LA Lakers, Portland, Golden State Warriors), Disneyland, LA Zoo, Mt Rainier, Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, possibly an NFL game.

We also need to work on our hiking skills (which are pretty much non-existent) as we plan on hiking up Mt Beljica, the Hollywood Hills and Yosemite.

Have you done the West Coast, what are your recommendations? Let us know in the comments.

NYC – The Review – Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of the NYC Review check it here. 🙂

Now Part 2!

The High Line is fantastic, an old disused subway line that used to run above the city converted into a park that glides above the city featuring plants, sitting areas, awesome views and a different perspective on such a vibrant city.

The wildlife, the colours, the difference from walking on pavements for 99% of the trip, the High Line is really great and its free! Continue reading “NYC – The Review – Part 2”

NYC – The Review – Part 1

Sooo NYC obviously was awesome, I’m sure you have seen the pictures and can tell I had an amazing time.

My feet ached after about 2/3 days from walking about 12 miles per day!

That didn’t stop us though as we kept on walking and taking in the amazing sights right up till the last day.

The weather for our trip was a little disappointing, but that was the only thing negative about the entire holiday… and by that I don’t mean it was terrible, it just wasn’t sunny, lovely and nice daily everyday like I would have wished, etc. Continue reading “NYC – The Review – Part 1”

NYC Day Planner – Day 4

If you haven’t had a chance yet check days 1/2 and day 3 here and here 🙂

Following from those, day 4 covers very little especially compared to a day 3 which is full of different sights.

Day 4 starts off with a short subway trip down to  Bowling Green Station followed by a short walk to Battery Park. From here our NYC Pass gives us access to the ferry across to the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Continue reading “NYC Day Planner – Day 4”