Bullet Journal – Take 1

I recently discovered the Bullet Journal thanks to Sophie at Sophie Counts Clouds. Being someone who likes to think they are quite creative, my love of things written down, quotes, etc. I did a bit more research on Instagram, Pinterest, the internet, and I found absolutely loads, this thing was huge.

Endless supplies of blogs and websites and Instagrammers all spending their time journaling and taking photos of their journals and trying to spread ideas and give people some motivation to get their own.

Having a lot to deal with recently and my Filofax diary being a little too small to fit all the things a Bullet Journal can fit I thought it would be best to get one and start using it.

The main benefit for me is that I can be as creative as I want and track more things than before, things I have wanted to do but never been able to hold myself accountable for. My current diary can fit a list of about 3 things to do in a day.

Well what if I want to track fitness, water intake, reading, going to bed on time & waking up on time?

I can’t fit all this in my current diary plus its more of a work focused diary, meetings, etc.

The Bullet Journal allows me to keep track of those works items but also be more personal orientated, I can do a weekly quote & monthly quote (did I mention I love quotes?), I can keep track of blog posts and Instagram posts.. and a whole range of other things that I didn’t even consider before.

Do you have a Bullet Journal, link in the comments and I will be sure to check your blog/Insta.

If you don’t, get one and follow this feed for updates as I start my Bullet Journal journey.

I will do more posts later showing some of the sources of inspiration I have found.

P.S – Also set up a new Instagram specifically for BUJO!


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